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About Our Trainer

Rachelle Hill has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2002 and a Fitness Instructor Specialist teaching group fitness classes since 2004. Her passion for fitness grew as she recognized how much fitness impacts our health both physically and mentally. She made a connection with fitness and her massage therapy practice when she realized that many of her clients were experiencing pain, where there was a lack of muscle tissue. She started incorporating more fitness and strength training into her massage therapy practice and then developed her own fitness class called Functionally Fit that is devoted to adding strength and stability back to the body! Not only does Rachelle enjoy the functional side of fitness, but also the challenge that presents itself mentally. Rachelle enjoys teaching classes that are also a challenge and intensity for both herself and her clients and continues to grow as a trainer. Her 30 minute Tabata style classes are proven to build strength and endurance to help her clients reach their fitness goals! Rachelle continues to learn and grow as a trainer and enjoys educating her clients about Fitness.


Class Schedules

All Classes are on a Session Schedule. This Schedule changes every 8 weeks. To find out more, please send an email to or find us on Facebook at

Muscle tissue depletes as we age, and where it has depleted, we experience pain. As we continue to learn so much about our bodies, Rachelle has found that we need to think outside the box and in a strategic way.

When we do this, fitness can help to reverse the injury as well as increase our overall range of motion and improve our quality of life! Rachelle has devoted her time to creating classes and teaching classes that help to restore your body and teach it to work with you and your life!

Rachelle Hill has been a Therapeutic Massage Therapist for over 14 years and a Fitness Specialist for over 10 years.