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Tranquil Massage Therapy and Wellness Centre is devoted to helping clients with a wide variety of ailments. We work together as a team to completely balance the mind body and spirit.

About three years ago I was an aching and always in pain woman. My upper and lower back ached, I had trouble with my hips, shoulders, and feet. I then Started going to Tranquil Massage and Rachelle who fixed me up and made me a new person. Not only were her massages beneficial but she also had me doing exercises to strengthen my muscles and build flexibility, strength, and balance. Rachelle also discussed with me healthier eating habits. Today my posture is better and my aches and pains have decreased significantly. I am still a work in progress but progress I do feel and see. Along with piyo and functionally fit and massages I feel great. Thanks Rachelle. – Audrey V.